Technological advancements have impacted every industry for better and arguably for worst depending on who you ask. One of those industries is the shipping/logistics/supply chain industry. No matter how you feel on the subject the technology is here so now we ask how does it influence the industry and how can it be used for good? Shippers, Receivers, Carriers, Brokerages must stay on pace with this game changing technology and formulate it into a beneficial vehicle for their respective businesses.


      • Transform business procedures via data digestion to predict future needs such as shipping volumes and equipment requirements.
      • Product sensitive predictions to help create efficiencies within warehousing and purchasing functions.
      • Conflict recognition to better prepare and avoid shipping issues before they arise.
      • Faster delivery processes allowing to avoid mandatory expedited shipping actions.


      • Incorporating AI into capacity strategies can help mitigate delays from natural disasters and severe weather.
      • Simulating human awareness to interpret lane data and predicting price fluctuations and capacity levels.
      • More accurate reporting and live predicting on delivery arrivals.

Carriers and brokerages have the responsibility to involve AI into their processes to stay competitive while pivoting to maintain a high-level human element to facilitate the needs of shippers and receivers of all sizes. These advancements will allow the shipping, logistics, and supply chain industry lower costs while optimizing transit times and capacity needs.



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