Intermodal is the use of two modes of freight, such as truck and rail, to transport goods from shipper to consignee. The intermodal process usually begins with a container being moved by a truck to a rail, then back to a truck to complete the process.

  • Shippers can take advantage of lower rates, more predictable pricing, and the flexibility of loading and unloading goods.
  • Environmental Friendly; reduce carbon footprint in the environment.
  • Reliability, capacity, and safety advantages. Shippers have more access to equipment and standardized transit schedules.

What to expect with Intermodal logistics:

In need of alternative methods of transportation that is cost-effective and reliable:

Benefits to Intermodal Logistics

The value we bring with Intermodal Logistics:

Intermodal transportation provides increased efficiency when transporting goods long distances because an intermodal container is well-suited for transport by either ground, air, or sea. In addition, Intermodal transportation combines the best abilities of different transportation modes to deliver service, savings, and solutions to shippers.


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